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Possible policy changes at DOL

December 14, 2016

President-elect Trump has picked a new Secretary of Labor – Andrew Puzder. Mr. Puzder is on record as opposing at least two Obama Administration policy initiatives – the Affordable Care Act and new Department of Labor overtime rules. And some are raising the possibility that he may (if confirmed) target the DOL’s Conflict of Interest regulation. Moreover, President-elect Trump has said that “I will formulate a rule which says that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated.” Read More

New Administration, new Congress: personnel

December 01, 2016

With the focus currently on how President-Elect Trump will staff his new Administration and on the recent re-election of Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as House Minority Leader, we provide a brief review of the key Administration jobs that President Trump will have to fill, and the key Congressional leadership, that directly affect retirement savings policy. Read More

Pension Rescue Rejection Letters May Be Road Map for Other Plans

November 29, 2016

(Reprinted from Bloomberg BNA) Multiemployer pension plans seeking government approval to suspend benefits have a handy tool that could help them get that approval—the government’s rejection letters shooting down every proposed cut so far. It’s been two nearly two years since Congress sought to address the multiemployer plan crisis by passing the Multiemployer Pension Reform Act, and to date, no pension plan has successfully navigated the Treasury Department’s approval process. Download

The effect of tax reform on retirement savings - corporate tax

November 20, 2016

This article, the second in our series on tax reform proposals, briefly reviews the issues the corporate tax presents for tax-qualified retirement savings plans and how corporate tax reform proposals may change the current retirement savings tax “deal.” Read More

The effect of tax reform on retirement savings - income and investment taxes

November 16, 2016

It looks like tax reform will be a high legislative priority for President-Elect Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress. In the first of two articles on the effect of tax reform on retirement savings tax incentives, we begin with a discussion of the tax reform process and the challenges it will present. We then discuss current income and investment taxes and the incentives they provide for saving in, e.g., a 401(k) plan. Finally, we discuss the income and investment tax proposals of House Republicans and of President-Elect Trump and how they might change the retirement savings tax deal. Read More

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