Pension Finance Update

January 2013 Pension Finance Update

February 12, 2013

Pension sponsors enjoyed a strong boost in January, building on improvements seen in the last five months of 2012. The two "model" plans we track both saw improvements in funded status last month - with traditional "Plan A" improving by more than 5%, while "Plan B" gained almost 2%. Download

December 2012 Pension Finance Update

January 01, 2013

Financial markets see-sawed during December, rising on hopes of a resolution of the looming combination of tax increases and spending cuts known as the ‘fiscal cliff’, then falling on fears that no agreement would be found. In the end, hope prevailed despite no agreement, and a New Year’s Eve rally pushed pension funds into positive territory for the year. A combination of higher stocks and higher interest rates improved pension funded status 2%-3% during December. Download

November 2012 Pension Finance Update

December 02, 2012

The election results, and ensuing concern over the looming ‘fiscal cliff’, made for a volatile month in securities markets in November. Stocks slid 5% in the first half of the month before bouncing back to end the month in the black. Interest rates were mixed, with Treasuries declining while corporate yields edged up. The combination produced modest good news for pension sponsors, who saw funded status improve 1%-2% during the month and are now down 1%-3% so far in 2012. Download

October 2012 Pension Finance Update

November 01, 2012

October was a down month for stocks and a mixed month for interest rates, with Treasury yields edging higher while corporate yields moved down. The combination produced a bout of pain for pension sponsors, who saw funded status decline 1%-3% during the month and are now down 2%-4% so far in 2012. Download

September 2012 Pension Finance Update

October 01, 2012

September was another month of modest improvement for pension finance, as sponsors clawed their way back toward a ‘break-even’ 2012, helped by another strong month in the stock market and interest rates that inched upward. Overall, sponsors saw funded status improve about 1% during September. Download

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