Pension Finance Update

October 2012 Pension Finance Update

November 01, 2012

October was a down month for stocks and a mixed month for interest rates, with Treasury yields edging higher while corporate yields moved down. The combination produced a bout of pain for pension sponsors, who saw funded status decline 1%-3% during the month and are now down 2%-4% so far in 2012. Download

September 2012 Pension Finance Update

October 01, 2012

September was another month of modest improvement for pension finance, as sponsors clawed their way back toward a ‘break-even’ 2012, helped by another strong month in the stock market and interest rates that inched upward. Overall, sponsors saw funded status improve about 1% during September. Download

August 2012 Pension Finance Update

September 04, 2012

Pension sponsors enjoyed modest improvement in funded status in August, due to solid stock market returns and interest rates stabilizing and creeping marginally higher during the month. Overall, sponsors saw funded status improve 1%-2% during August. Download

July 2012 Pension Finance Update

August 01, 2012

July was a month of mixed signals in the financial markets but generally bad news for pension sponsors. Treasury rates declined; however, yields on high-quality corporate bonds dropped even more, reaching record low yields around 4%. Overall, sponsors saw declines of 2%-6% in pension funded status during July, driven by record low corporate bond yields. Download

June 2012 Pension Finance Update

July 01, 2012

While the big news for pension sponsors last week was the passing of funding relief legislation (discussed below), the markets ended the first half of 2012 with a bang. Stocks enjoyed their best day of the year on the last trading day in June, capping the most volatile month of the year in the market, and leaving pension sponsors modestly ahead through the first half of 2012. Download

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