Pension Finance Update

December 2016 Pension Finance Update

January 03, 2017

For pension finance, the story of 2016 can read two different ways. If you fell asleep at the end of 2015 and just woke up today, it looks like a ho-hum year, in which both assets and liabilities grew by single digits, with asset growth slightly edging out liability increases. But if you followed daily market movements, 2016 was a harrowing ride, which saw funded status decline by 7% in the first half of the year before improving 8% in the second half. For the $2 trillion pension market in the US, this amounts to a loss of about ... Read More

November 2016 Pension Finance Update

December 01, 2016

Well, that was a weird month. It started with the Cubs winning the World Series and ended as the best month for pension sponsors this year. In-between, we had a presidential election with a surprising outcome. So…pensions. Both model pension plans we track enjoyed strong improvements in funded status during November – Plan A improved by 5% and Plan B by more than 1% last month – pushing both plans into positive territory for the year, up almost 1%. Read More

October 2016 Pension Finance Update

November 01, 2016

October was a down month for investors, but pension sponsors were able to tread water, as the impact of higher interest rates on pension liabilities offset asset losses. Both model pension plans we track saw basically flat results on the month. Through October, Plan A is down almost 5% and the more conservative Plan B is down almost 1% on the year: Read More

September 2016 Pension Finance Update

October 03, 2016

Pensions enjoyed modest improvement in funded status last month, but remain underwater during 2016 through three quarters. Both model pension plans we track improved by less than 1% in September. For the year, Plan A is down 5% and the more conservative Plan B is down less than 1%. Read More

August 2016 Pension Finance Update

September 02, 2016

August was an uneventful month for pension finance. Both model pension plans we track saw basically no change in pension funded status during the month. Through August, Plan A remains down 6% for the year, and the more conservative Plan B remains down 1% Read More

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