Pension Finance Update

August 2016 Pension Finance Update

September 02, 2016

August was an uneventful month for pension finance. Both model pension plans we track saw basically no change in pension funded status during the month. Through August, Plan A remains down 6% for the year, and the more conservative Plan B remains down 1% Read More

July 2016 Pension Finance Update

August 01, 2016

July was a mixed month for pension sponsors. On one hand, interest rates ended the month at all-time low levels, pushing up pension liabilities. On the other hand, stock markets posted solid gains for the month and are now in healthy positive territory for the year. Overall, the news was good for both model pension plans we track – Plan A improved 2% last month but remains down 6% for the year through July, while Plan B gained 1% and is now down just 1% for 2016 so far: Read More

June 2016 Pension Finance Update

July 01, 2016

Financial markets have been roiled in the past week by Brexit, adding to pain pension sponsors had already been suffering this year. Both model pension plans we track suffered setbacks in June – Plan A lost 4% last month, while Plan B was off 2%. Through the first half of 2016, Plan A is now down 10% and Plan B is down 5% Read More

May 2016 Pension Finance Update

June 01, 2016

Higher interest rates and higher stock prices improved pension finances modestly in May. Both model pension plans we track gained a bit of ground last month. Plan A improved 1% in May, but remains down more than 6% so far in 2016, while Plan B picked up less than 1% last month, but is still down 3% year to date. Read More

April 2016 Pension Finance Update

May 03, 2016

Pension sponsors suffered another down month in April on the back of relentlessly lower interest rates. Both model pension plans we track lost ground last month: Plan A slipped 2% in April, and is now down more than 7% this year, while Plan B lost less than 1% last month and is now down more than 3% during 2016. Read More

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