Pension Finance Update

November 2014 Pension Finance Update

December 01, 2014

November was another break-even month for pension finances, as asset growth was matched by liability growth. Both model plans we track were flat again last month. For the year, our model Plan A remains down 5%, and model Plan B is off 2%. Download

October 2014 Pension Finance Update

November 03, 2014

In keeping with the spirit of Halloween, October was a scary month for pensions, but, in the end, everything turned out all right. A ‘flight to quality’ (lower stock prices, lower interest rates) took hold during the first half of the month, before largely reversing itself. By month-end, stocks had reached all-time highs, but the gain was neutralized by lower interest rates, producing a wash for pension finances on the month. Through October, plans remain modestly underwater for the year – our traditional ‘Plan A’ has seen its funded ratio decline by more than 5%, while the more conservative ‘Plan B’ is down 2%. Download

September 2014 Pension Finance Update

October 09, 2014

Stocks retreated in September, but the impact was mostly offset by higher interest rates, which reduced pension liabilities. Three-fourths of the way through 2014, pension finances remain modestly underwater for the year – our traditional ‘Plan A’ is down almost 6%, while the more conservative ‘Plan B’ is down 2%. Download

August 2014 Pension Finance Update

September 02, 2014

Stocks bounced back in August, but lower interest rates offset these gains for pension sponsors, who treaded water during the month. For the year, our traditional ‘Plan A’ remains down 5%, while the more conservative ‘Plan B’ remains down 2%. Download

July 2014 Pension Finance Update

August 12, 2014

Pension sponsors lost a bit of ground in July due to declines in stock prices near month-end. Our traditional ‘Plan A’ lost more than 1% last month, while the more conservative ‘Plan B’ was down less than 1%. For the year through July, both plans are underwater – ‘Plan A’ is down 5% and ‘Plan B’ is down 2%. Download

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