Pension Finance Update

June 2014 Pension Finance Update

July 01, 2014

Pension sponsors got a boost in June, due to stock market gains and slightly higher interest rates, although both ‘model’ plans we track remain modestly underwater halfway through 2014. Our traditional ‘Plan A’ gained 1% last month and is now down 4% during 2014, while the more conservative ‘Plan B’ is up fractionally in June and is down less than 2% on the year. Download

May 2014 Pension Finance Update

June 02, 2014

Pension sponsors treaded water in May, with both assets and liabilities edging up in tandem for both ‘model’ plans we track . Our traditional ‘Plan A’ remains down 5% during 2014, while the more conservative ‘Plan B’ is down 2% on the year. Download

April 2014 Pension Finance Update

May 01, 2014

April was another down month for pension sponsors, marked by declining interest rates and sluggish stock markets. Both ‘model’ plans we track lost ground last month, with our traditional ‘Plan A’ losing about 2% and the more conservative ‘Plan B’ dropping less than 1% during April. For the year, sponsors have now given back roughly one-fourth of 2013's ‘bounty’ – Plan A is now down 5% during 2014, and Plan B is down more than 2%. Download

March 2014 Pension Finance Update

April 01, 2014

Pension finances deteriorated slightly in March, and both ‘model’ plans we track ended the first quarter of 2014 in modestly negative territory. Traditional ‘Plan A’ lost about 1% last month and is now down almost 4% for the year, and ‘Plan B’ slid less than 1% during March, ending the quarter almost 2% in the red. Download

February 2014 Pension Finance Update

March 03, 2014

After a weak January, pension sponsors enjoyed a modest recovery in funded status during February, with both ‘model’ plans we track seeing asset gains outpace liability growth. Despite the improvement, sponsors remain behind so far in 2014: our traditional ‘Plan A’ improved 2% last month but is down 3% for the year, while ‘Plan B’ gained 1% during February but is still down 1% for 2014. Download Download

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