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The 2012 elections and retirement tax policy

October 30, 2012

It's entirely possible that, when the General Election is held November 6, not a lot will change. That is, President Obama may win re-election, the Senate may remain Democratic, and the House may remain Republican. Or not. As President Obama has said, elections have consequences. In this article we are going to review the "front burner" policy issues that affect retirement plans and consider how a political change (or non-change) might affect them. Read More

The value of retirement benefits and tax policy

October 30, 2012

It seems that every discussion or rumor of a discussion on a "Grand Bargain" on the federal budget and entitlements includes some proposed change in taxation. Some of these proposals are modest, but most have as a basic premise that in order to raise significant revenues some fundamental changes to the tax system must be made. Any of the proposed changes currently being discussed would affect the value of current tax benefits for retirement savings. Read More

October Three Selected a Winner in the 33rd Annual Telly Awards

October 21, 2012

The Telly Awards has named October Three as a Bronze winner in the 33rd Annual Telly Awards for their piece titled "Who We Are". With nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this is truly an honor. Read More

2013 Increases for Retirement Plans, Social Security

October 15, 2012

The Social Security Administration just announced benefit increases effective in 2013, which will affect benefits for currently retired individuals, as well as those contemplating retirement. The release of September CPI figures by the Bureau of Labor Statistics also provides information needed to determine relevant 2013 thresholds and limits for retirement plans. Read More

September 2012 Pension Finance Update

October 01, 2012

September was another month of modest improvement for pension finance, as sponsors clawed their way back toward a ‘break-even’ 2012, helped by another strong month in the stock market and interest rates that inched upward. Overall, sponsors saw funded status improve about 1% during September. Download

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