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Fee Disclosure Handbook

March 20, 2012

The regulation adds an elaborate set of fee disclosure requirements for the availability of the ERISA exemption for service providers. Violations are subject to ERISA sanctions (including an excise tax on the provider) for prohibited transaction violations. Read More

Congressman Neal introduces retirement savings legislation

March 04, 2012

Congressman Neal (D-MA) has introduced legislation -- H.R. 4050, the "Retirement Plan Simplification and Enhancement Act of 2012" -- which would make a number of changes to ERISA and the Tax Code. It's unlikely in an election year that this bill will pass, but the issues it addresses -- retirement income, annuities, electronic disclosure, simplification of administration -- may be taken up when Congress is next ready to act generally on pension issues. Read More

February 2012 Pension Finance Update

March 01, 2012

Through February, 2012 is two-for-two, allowing pension sponsors to recover almost half of the damage wrought in 2011. The two “model” plans we track both saw improvements in funded status again last month – with traditional “Plan A” improving by 2%, while “Plan B” gained less than 1%. For the year, Plan A has improved about 5%, and Plan B about 1%, compared with the end of 2011. Download

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