Retirement Architects®

Plan Design

Plan Design

At October Three, we are Retirement Architects®:
designing sustainable retirement programs for our
clients and their employees. We are re-defining how
retirement benefits are delivered by developing
programs that leverage the best features of defined
benefit and defined contribution plans, while
minimizing overall volatility. Learn more

Actuarial Services

Actuarial Services

Our deep bench of seasoned, credentialed actuaries
provides comprehensive actuarial services for all
types of programs - from cash balance and traditional
defined benefit plans to SERPs and other
non-qualified arrangements. Learn more

Admin Solution

Cash Balance 
Administration Solution

We believe that an effective administration platform
is a must-have for today's cash balance plans.
Our technology group has developed state-of-the-art
tools designed specifically for
these plans. Learn more


Employee Communications

Benefit Communications

It’s no secret benefit plans are difficult to understand. You work hard to ensure your employees have good benefit packages, but they may get lost in the details. Misunderstood and underutilized benefits cost you and your employees time, effort, and money.Learn more


Law firm Practice

Law Firm Practice

Working with law firms is our passion. We really enjoy the work we do and believe we not only do it well, but better than anyone else. Our experience in working with large, sophisticated law firms on the design, implementation and ongoing administration of their retirement plans is unmatched. Over the past 14 years, our consultants have advised over 25% of the Am Law 200 firms with effective income deferral programs.Learn more

Public Pensions

Public Pensions

Our public plan practice has a passion to bring truth and
transparency to public retirement systems. We strive to be
a highly trustworthy source of unbiased information to
public pension stakeholders. Our consultants provide
clients "big picture" insight into their retirement plans
to help them make informed strategic decisions about
plan options, improvements, innovations and
possibilities.Learn more



Dispute Resolution Services

Our Dispute Resolution practice addresses another
of those impediments: the proliferation of opportunistic
lawsuits against defined benefit plans, especially
innovative designs like cash balance plans. Litigation
risk has become a major element in pushing employers –
not just those directly attacked – out of the DB system.
Learn more



International Consulting

Executives operating in today’s market place
understand the world is more interconnected than ever
– and that access to the advice and guidance of local
experts with a world view adds to sustained global growth
and success. October Three and our Abelica Global partners
are at the forefront of current international
thought leadership.Learn more


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