Law Firm Practice

Law Firm Practice

Our experience in working with large, sophisticated law firms on the design, implementation and ongoing administration of their retirement plans is unmatched. Over the past 16 years, our consultants have advised nearly half of the Am Law 200 firms with effective income deferral programs. Firms turn to us for expertise with qualified partner retirement plans, the evaluation and strategy decisions around their nonqualified partner programs, and assistance with finding solutions to tough retirement plan issues in the context of a merger.

Working with law firms is our passion. We really enjoy the work we do and believe we not only do it well, but better than anyone else. We listen to the needs of our clients and we deliver to them well thought out, uniquely designed programs and administrative tools that meet these needs. We continue to reinvest in our service offerings and plan design structures in an effort to always be on the forefront of creative, efficient, and low-risk solutions for our clients.

Most major law firms have adopted a qualified defined benefit plan for their partners. These are tremendous programs allowing partners to save for retirement. However, not all plan designs are the same. Consultants whose primary focus is on ‘corporate’ plans don’t typically understand the needs of major law firms. Accordingly, firms have suffered due to bad plan designs. Why do the country’s most respected law firms continue to seek our advice and counsel on tax effective compensation and retirement programs?

  • We know law firms! Our founder is a former ERISA partner at one of the largest law firms in the country. We understand that law firms operate differently than traditional corporations and we incorporate the unique characteristics and objectives of law firms into our designs.

  • We are leaders on plan design issues, not followers! Our consultants implemented our first market return cash balance plan in 2007 and have been improving on this latest design model ever since. While other consulting firms are just now starting to realize the tremendous advantages of the market return cash balance plan design, our clients have been enjoying these advantages for the past several years.

  • Volatility reduction and risk mitigation! It is what clients want and our latest generation of cash balance plan designs delivers both more effectively than ever before. Daily valued market return cash balance plans are as revolutionary today as daily valued defined contribution plans were 25 years ago. The ability for assets and benefits to be aligned every day not only ensures each participant “pays” for his or her own benefit, but the overall risk to the firm is reduced as it relates to unfunded liabilities and investment performance.

  • Access to information! Details about a participants benefit or about how the firm is investing the assets of the plan have been a mystery to participants. Information, if provided, grew stale quickly and it was extremely difficult to make educated decisions about what to do with other investable assets because of the lack of clarity around the cash balance plan. Participants have been left in the dark! At October Three, we have turned on the lights and thrown back the curtains to allow participants and plan sponsors to access information 24/7 via our Daily PlatformSM. Whether it is yesterday’s asset performance, a question about what the cash balance account may grow to in the future, or a desire to produce a distribution package for a departing participant, the Daily PlatformSM provides access to all of this information and functionality.

Learn more about Daily Valuation possibilities with the Daily PlatformSM

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