Plan Design

Plan Design

At October Three, we are Retirement Architects®:
designing sustainable retirement programs for our
clients and their employees. We are re-defining how
retirement benefits are delivered by developing
programs that leverage the best features of defined
benefit and defined contribution plans, while
minimizing overall volatility.

We are Retirement Architects®

Retirement programs remain an important part of the compensation package that organizations offer to attract and retain great employees. However, most traditional defined benefit plans that were designed decades ago no longer meet the needs of today's sponsors and employees. And, as we've seen, most standalone defined contribution plans have provided, and will continue to provide, insufficient retirement income.

The good news is that October Three’s consultants have built dozens and dozens of new defined benefit plans over the years – and most of these plans were created to complement, not replace, existing defined contribution plans.

Seizing the opportunity

Whether an organization has a traditional defined benefit plan, a frozen pension plan, or a defined contribution plan, we can help design an efficient retirement program – what we call a ReDefined Benefit Plan™ – that delivers affordable and meaningful retirement benefits to employees. And, those organizations that seize this opportunity will have a competitive advantage for years to come.

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