Flexible Deferral Plans

Flexible Deferral Plans

October Three's Flexible Deferral Plans deliver
maximum savings opportunities to professional
service firms, and our innovative solutions have
enabled our clients to create billions of dollars
of wealth through qualified retirement plans.

Tax-Deferred Savings

Unlike ordinary defined contribution (401(k), profit sharing, etc.) and defined benefit plans which usually place restrictive limits on the levels of savings, our Flexible Deferral Plan designs allow for higher contributions in a qualified retirement program. Contributions to a Flexible Deferral Plan can be made in addition to contributions to a defined contribution plan, which translates to significantly higher levels of tax-deferred savings.

And, as the name suggests, these programs are enormously flexible in terms of:

  • Who is covered by the plans
  • The underlying formula for determining deferrals
  • How benefit levels are distributed among the participants

Even better, Flexible Deferral Plans deliver transparent and easily-understood benefits to participants, much like a defined contribution plan:

  • Benefits accumulate in an "account" which is credited with "interest"
  • Lump sum distributions are available at retirement (or termination of employment), enabling participants to roll over their accounts into an IRA - and continue the tax-deferred investment growth on these savings

The following table summarizes the dramatic advantage that Flexible Deferral Plans offer:

Contribution Limits By Plan Type

2017 Maximum Contributions

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