Public Pensions

Public Pensions

Our public plan practice has a passion to bring truth and
transparency to public retirement systems. We strive to be
a highly trustworthy source of unbiased information to
public pension stakeholders. Our consultants provide
clients "big picture" insight into their retirement plans
to help them make informed strategic decisions about
plan options, improvements, innovations and possibilities.
Our practice is built around communicating results and
risks together. We understand the politically sensitive
nature of these issues, and commit ourselves to providing
sustainable solutions. We have "broken the mold" of how
actuaries practice by targeting our work to elected officials
and pension stakeholders.

A sample of our services include

  • Benefit illustrations, illustrations to show how different plan designs impact wealth accrual and replacement ratios, including Social Security values, from an employee-provided and an employer-provided perspective.
  • Cost forecasting, leveraging actuarial models to develop long term forecasts of pension costs focusing on both short-term and long-term costs.
  • Risk based analysis, creating forecasts that highlight the risks and uncertainties of public retirement promises, including evaluation of investment, demographic and funding risks
  • Plan design modeling, strategic advice on the multitude of plan designs in use as well as those newly emerging, including traditional defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans, cash balance plans and variable annuity plans
  • Policy analysis, navigating through financial statement notes, political proposals and actuarial reports to help delineate fact from impression and demystify the actuarial process to provide objective insight into actuarial analysis
  • Retiree health care, forecasting and analysis to enable pragmatic discussions on the cost and viability of such promises
  • Expert testimony, our experience and objective analysis lends itself to assistance with political discussions and public pension litigation
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