The retirement field has been evolving and changing. Unfortunately, many plan sponsors have had an extremely difficult experience trying to cope with this evolution. Today, the Defined Benefit market is in a period of collapse and a downward spiral. For most, it has been nothing but doom and gloom. And, even the "strategies" espoused as "solutions" to deal with this pain have done nothing. However, we see a different evolution on the horizon. Our clients are discovering how a defined benefit plan can be structured to deliver enormous value without this pain. And, how they can modify their existing programs so they finally can gain control and manage the risk as they desire.

Evolution and change are at the core of who we are. Our passion for pushing creative boundaries leads us to continually adapt our skills to find new solutions with the most relevant and fresh thinking. This is fairly novel in this industry, but it is who we are.

One thing is certain; we won't stay still. Because being a leader isn't about responding to trends, it's about anticipating and creating them.

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