The October Three Name

We like how our name prompts conversation. We consider the question “where did the name October Three come from?” the perfect introduction to our story.

Let’s start with October. We like to think if life were a calendar, October would be circled in red with a note reading Retirement starts here. Just as October signifies changing seasons, bountiful harvests, and lively colors, retirement marks the transition to a new season of life. Retirement should be a time to celebrate and harvest years of hard work.

The logical next question is then “why three?”

Three is the number of completeness. Like the sides of a triangle, strands of a braid, or legs of a stool, the number three represents unity, strength, and balance. Similarly, the best retirement plans are designed to mirror these values. Though the retirement industry has historically struggled to provide better plan options for sponsors and participants, we see opportunities to build sturdy, complete retirements in today’s market.

Ultimately, October Three symbolizes a philosophy. Though we are an actuarial consulting and administration firm, we believe retirement planning incorporates more than numbers and formulas. The best approach to retirement planning recognizes the value of every retiree and their aspirations to thrive in life’s next season. We call this October Life.

Like our name, our passion to help clients prepare their employees for plentiful October Lives distinguishes us within the industry. Since opening our doors in 2009, our commitment to excellence and creativity has set us apart. By designing, administering and managing retirement programs with unique ideas and fresh solutions, we continue striving to rise above the status quo.

Our favorite part of the conversation is when we get to ask, “How can we help you?”


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