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Executive Agreement

Most of your executives have employment agreements. They’re the subject of negotiation. Your attorneys drafted them. But, for much of what’s in them, somebody else administers them and oftentimes, nobody knows their true costs.

O3 consultants have extensive experience here whether it’s figuring out how to administer the legal terms, alerting you to hidden or not so hidden costs, or making sure that the terms of those executive employment agreements and the plans to which they refer have provisions that behave well with each other.

When there is the need for an unfortunate parting of the ways, we have worked with both companies and their executives to develop cost-efficient programs to ease the exit. But, when they don’t work, experience tells us that executives may take a somewhat different reading of their agreements than you do. By being proactive, you have the opportunity to reduce the frequency of expensive litigation. But, if this is one of those times, O3’s experienced experts can assist both before and during litigation.