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Managing Risk: Independent Actuarial Review

Independent reviews are becoming essential, as well as affordable, for today’s plan sponsor

Are your strategies aligning with your goals and expectations? An unbiased second opinion could help give you peace of mind you’re on the right track or help to course correct before it is too late.

Wouldn’t you like a second opinion on how your plan is being managed?

Obtaining a financial review by an independent actuary is critical to helping plan sponsors understand and manage their pension risks. Our unbiased actuaries will review your plan and either confirm your strategies are on track or make suggestions on how you can adjust the strategy to achieve your desired outcomes. Using our proprietary pension forensicsSM tools we do all of this without ever getting your data, making for an inexpensive and quick way to get a second opinion. Some of the plain characteristics we analyze are:

Plan Funded Status

How well funded is your plan? How does that compare to other companies?

Plan Expenses

Are you paying more in plan expenses than you need to be paying? We can help you identify these and reduce them.

PBGC Premiums

How are you managing rising premiums? Are these strategies you can employ to reduce these?

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Contribution Policy

Are you making contributions at the best time to optimize your plan or could you be operating more efficiently?

Actuarial Assumptions

Are the underlying actuarial assumptions of your plan appropriate? We can help ensure your plan is operating efficiently.

Plan Termination Costs

If you are looking to terminate your plan are you making the best decisions today to enable termination in the future?

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Brian is here to help if you have any questions on how our Independent Actuarial Review solutions can support your needs.

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