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Engage Your Employees

You work hard to ensure that your employees have good benefits packages but too often, employees can get lost in the details. Misunderstood and underutilized benefits cost you and your employees’ time, effort and money. The good news is that there are creative ways to effectively communicate pensions, benefits and other reward programs.

Our Approach to Employee Benefit Communications

We believe in communicating to employees in a way that creates trust, displays authenticity, and does so in a creative, engaging way. Whether done through print, video, web, or other means, we believe benefits communications should be simple and easy to understand. Our custom solutions are tailored to your unique needs and budget. We develop communications that:


We believe in simplifying the complexity of pensions and benefits communications, helping to build financial literacy in the process.

Increase Understanding

By simplifying communication of pension and other benefits, you will increase participants understanding of total rewards.


When employees understand their packages, they appreciate them more and become actively engaged with their benefits and the company.

Build Trust

In everything we do, we strive to build trust. In employee communications, trust is everything. When participants trust your message, they become actively engaged.

Manage Change

When change happens,  you need to be prepared with an effective communications strategy. We believe that through building trust and clearly communicating the change participants will be open to change.


We believe in creating unique, easy to understand communications– not your typical boring document where the message can get lost on participants.

Bring Your Message To Life

From Vibrant video to easy-to-understand benefits statements, our award- winning communications team will help connect your participants with simplified benefits information that fosters meaningful employee engagement. View some of the winning communications we’ve developed for our clients.

The following video provided employees with helpful tips for making the most of their retirement savings strategy.

Total Rewards Statements

Easy-to- understand graphics, such as the one shown to the left, can help employees get a clearer picture of their total monetary and non-monetary awards for the year.


“I am thrilled with the service I received. The deliverables blew me away. I can’t wait to share them with my employees.” – Vice President, HR program of North American automotive retail company

“Participant surveys were not only instrumental, but crucial, to communications benefit reductions to more than 40,000 retirees. The project could not have gone better.” – Executive Director of a multi-business health care trust

“I could not believe how well a very sensitive employee meeting went after I followed your honest and straightforward advice” – Director of Rewards for outerwear retailer 

“I have my advisor for any pension & benefit communication project. It’s all about quality work, positive results, and no surprises.” – Senior Vice President, Compensation & Benefits of large North American bank

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