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Our consultants advise nearly half of the Am Law 200 firms with respect to their retirement program.

Our experience working with large, sophisticated law firms on the design, implementation and ongoing administration of their retirement plans is unmatched. We understand that law firms operate differently than traditional corporations and we incorporate those unique characteristics and objectives into our law firm retirement plan designs.

Our Daily PlatformSM allows you to access your plan information 24/7.

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Deferral Plans for Law Firms

Most major law firms have adopted a Qualified Deferral plan for their partners. These programs deliver maximum savings opportunities to professional service firms. However, not all plan designs are the same and some firms have suffered due to bad plan designs.

At October Three, we implemented our first Market Return Cash Balance (MRCB) plan in 2007 and have been improving upon this model ever since. Daily valued MRCB plans, which allow for assets and benefits to be aligned every day, ensure that each participant “pays” for only his or her own benefit. They also reduce the overall risk to the firm as it related to unfunded liabilities and investment performance.

Deferral Plans

We evaluate and provide recommendations on enhancingqualified partner programs.

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Non-qualified plans

We evaluate and provide recommendations on enhancing non-qualified partner programs.

Plan Administration

Providing unprecedented access to 24/7 plan information via our Daily PlatformSM.

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Plan Termination Services

There are many actions that should be taken on the road to plan termination to help reduce the burden and cost of the plan.

Dispute Resolution / Litigation Support

Assistance with disputes arising from broad based and executive benefit and compensation programs.

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Other Services

We have advised most of the Am Law 200 over the past 20 years on numerous benefits related issues.

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