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PBGC Premiums Plague the Hospital Industry

At a time when no industry can afford them less, October Three’s 2020 edition of our report on the PBGC Premium Burden shows that the premiums being paid on account of underfunded pension plans are hitting hospitals harder than any other sector.

The HR Problem Confounding Hospital Systems: Recruiting and Retaining Physicians

The landscape surrounding physician employment has changed, and it has changed significantly. Where once physicians were largely self-employed and thus could enjoy earnings tied to each individual’s own level and choices of specialization and work, they now find themselves mostly employed by large health systems. And, as that new reality evolves, those health systems are…Read More

Getting Hospital Pensions Healthy: A Cure for Rising Costs

Everything we see indicates that the hospital industry is really feeling the financial squeeze these days. Large health insurance networks are forcing significant reductions in prices, there is a shortage of skilled health care labor resulting in increases in labor costs, and the cost of compliance with various government regulations continues to rise. In an…Read More