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Interest rate effect on retirement plans

Annuity Purchase Update – September 2021

Pension funding levels declined this past month due to a decrease in interest rates. As a result, annuity purchase costs increased for Annuity Plan 1 and 2.

June 2021 Pension Finance Update

Falling interest rates in June saw otherwise steady pension plans down 1%, with both model plans we track remaining in the black for the year.

Annuity Purchase Update: May 2021 Interest Rates

Despite the persistence of the pandemic, it is clear that the outlook for plan sponsors is currently trending positively. Equity markets are strong and interest rates are rising. This is leading to improved plan funding statuses and lower annuity purchase prices.

Annuity Purchase Update: April 2021 Interest Rates

April Highlights + Plan funding status climbed Asset values grew Interest rates grew Most pension plans with an asset portfolio of 60% equities and 40% fixed income improved their funding status around 11% in the first quarter of 2021 Plan sponsors have improved their funding percentage to an average of 90-93% + Annuity purchase costs…Read More