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A Different Perspective on Defined Benefit Plans

What makes October Three different?

October Three was built around a refreshingly different approach to Defined Benefit (DB) plans. In an industry mired in confusion and overall skepticism, we saw an opportunity to create clarity and to build a new understanding about where the industry is headed and how an organization’s DB plan can evolve to deliver more.

How we do that is two-fold. First, we design solutions that fit both the urgent needs of today and the impending needs of the future. And we do so with openness and full transparency, granting customers a refreshing level of insight into their plans.

We know how to share our expertise in a way that’s easily understood. As Einstein said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” We’re experts in what we do. But we don’t show off what we know. Instead, we’re about communicating in a way that delivers clarity and garners long-term trust.

At the end of the day, we believe in treating our clients fairly and with respect. And we believe that by shedding light on alternative solutions in the DB arena, we can help our clients move from a sense of powerlessness and negativity to one of empowerment.

We design plans that mitigate risk, manage costs, and deliver real value.

Evolving the Defined Benefit Plan Market

Many people associate the Defined Benefit industry with stress and volatility. But where others see negativity and confusion, October Three has a different perspective. We’re taking DB plans in a new direction, designing innovative programs that mitigate risk, manage costs, and deliver real value for our clients.

Plan Design Solution

The October Three Team

Our employees represent the spirit of our company — hard working, personable, and passionate about what they do. Get to know the people who make our team so outstanding.

Meet Our Team

What’s In a Name?

People often ask about the origin of our name. Answering this question provides the perfect introduction to our story.

If life were a calendar, we see October as the month when retirement begins. Just as October represents a change of season, retirement marks the transition to a new phase of life.

And like the three-legged stool of personal savings, social security, and employer sponsored retirement plans, the number three signifies unity, strength, and balance in retirement preparation. Thus, we believe that the best approach to retirement planning recognizes the value of every retiree and supports their goals as they transition to life’s next season. We call this philosophy “October Life”.