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As cash balance plan specialists, we know the challenges plan administration can bring. With more and more companies adopting cash balance plans, we believe an effective administration platform is a must-have, and that’s why our technology group has developed the Daily Platform℠ designed to simplify the administration process.

Whether you have a traditional cash balance plan with a fixed interest rate, or following the corporate trend towards a more dynamic market return credit rate, the Daily Platform℠ is an automated solution designed to empower plan sponsors and participants by providing on-demand access and eliminating reliance on 3rd party consultants.

While most others just repurpose a traditional DB platform, or worse a DC system, our Daily Platform℠ was built specifically for Cash Balance plans providing easier implementation, navigation that makes sense and a lower price tag than a traditional jerry-rigged platform. Come experience the future of Cash Balance plan administration.

Comparison of CB Admin Solutions

Traditional CB Admin
Daily reconcilliation of assets and benefits
Direct links with over 1000 custodians
On-line 24/7 access for participants and plan sponsors
Direct Link with any DC Vendor providing daily account balance updates
Online distribution processing and report generation
Comprehensive Plan Information at your fingertips

Explore the benefits of O3's Daily PlatformSM

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