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Michelle Benoit

Benefits Consultants (Boston)

Michelle has been working in pension administration since 2016, holding positions with Mercer, MassMutual, and Empower. Originally a benefit analyst, she quickly advanced to installing and maintaining plans in the calculation engine. Michelle joined October Three in 2023 and is excited about their use of modern technology to provide participants and retirees with easy-to-use tools to manage their pension. She continues to work with the calculation engine, using her programming skills to ensure participants get accurate benefit calculations.
Michelle received her bachelor’s degree with dual majors in Physics and Mathematics. Originally intending to pursue an academic career, she made a shift to utilize her programming skills and problem-solving aptitude for real-world application. She is passionate about personal finance and takes pride in helping retirees get the income they have earned.
Outside of work, Michelle enjoys reading, video games, building puzzles, and photography. She and her husband have adopted quite a few animals over the years, including a dog found walking along the interstate and two feral cats. They purchased an old house in Massachusetts in 2014 and have been slowly working to bring it into the modern century while keeping the original charm.

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