Defined Benefit Plan Design

Optimizing your plan means starting with the end in mind

The key to optimal design starts with knowing what your goals are and then designing the best plan to achieve them. Whether you have a traditional Defined Benefit (DB) plan, a frozen pension plan, or a Cash Balance plan, we can help design an efficient retirement program that mitigates risk and delivers affordable and meaningful benefits to employees.

Fully Customizable

We work with your team to design a plan that meets your firm’s unique needs, leveraging our knowledge and experience.

Long Term Focus

We design long term solutions to your plan needs that align with your goals and objectives.

Reduce Risks

We believe that DB plans can be designed with minimal risk to both employees and employer.

Minimize Volatility

Volatility is the number one issue for plan sponsors, and that is why we design plans that ensure consistent expenses year over year.


Our designs take advantage of automation reducing long term operational costs or cost related to poor funding.


We can design a plan to meet the specific benefit or tax deferral needs of different groups of employee/owners.

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Our Designs minimize volatility, stabilize costs and contributions for plans sponsors, and foster a more appropriate sharing of risk between employers and employees.

Pension Forensics


Cash Balance and Hybrid Plans


Qualified Deferral Plans


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