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Executive Compensation Created with Sketch. Executive Compensation

In today’s climate, when the rewards being provided to executives are subject to greater disclosure and scrutiny, it’s critical to deliver the right total program at the appropriate value.

At the same time, compensation committees must be able to provide defensible rationales for the components and magnitude of executive compensation programs.

Our practice focuses on complementing the work of your internal and external advisers. We bring a quantitative approach to our processes, even if areas that have traditionally been difficult to quantify. We also maintain a keen focus on quality and compliance, whether we’re looking at initial program design, refining an existing program, or comparing a program to your peer group. Below is an overview of our Executive Compensation services:

Pay Ratio Consulting

Ensure Dodd Frank compliance

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Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERP)

Design, Valuation and Funding

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Compliance Reviews

Are there any red flags in your arrangement?

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Benchmarking Non-qualified Plans

Design, Valuation and Funding

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Executive Agreement

De-mystify the trust cost of these agreements

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Expert Testimony

Assistance in all types of disputes

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Golden Parachutes

Graceful executive transition process

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