Dispute Resolution

Trust October Three’s Dispute Resolution Consultants to Mediate Your Benefit Plan Disputes

Mediating dispute resolution for qualified and nonqualified retirement plans requires experienced consultants. Our dispute resolution experts provide consulting and expert testimony on issues such as plan design, employee communications, and executive benefits in disputes involving all types of qualified and nonqualified retirement plans as well as certain other forms of executive compensation.

Start Your Dispute Resolution with the October Three Advantage

Our senior team has tremendous experience assisting companies and their counsel with disputes arising from broad-based and executive benefit and compensation programs. We are large enough to have a strong team of analyst supporting us with research and computational aspects, but no so large as to be burdened with conflicts of interest. our expertise includes but is not limited to:

October Three Dispute Resolution Services

Our expertise in dispute resolution has helped many clients mediate disputes for all types of retirement plans. Some of our dispute resolution services includes but are not limited to:

  • Cash Balance Plans
  • Traditional Defined Benefits Plans
  • Multi-employer plans
  • Defined Contribution Plans
  • Executive employment and termination agreements
  • Non-qualified plans
  • Change of Control
  • 409A
  • FICA Tax

October Three can also assist you in non- or pre-litigation issues by crafting responses to benefits claims from an employee or their attorney. In addition, we provide compliance review services, such as resolving ambiguities in a plan or SPD language or helping to identify operational issues.

Many other actuarial and employee benefit firms are unwilling or unable to effectively take on these kinds of projects. We view this work as important, and our dispute resolution consultants have considerable experience in these matters.

Types of Dispute Resolution Cases We Solve

Our experts have contributed to many successful verdicts in cases over the last few years. A few examples of the types of dispute resolution cases we have participated in include:

  • Top hat plan (lump sum amounts dispute in plan termination)
  • Actuarial equivalence (automatic COLA and year certain options)
  • Malpractice damages in acquisitions (controlled group liability)
  • Anti- cutback in TRA 86-related amendments
  • Layoff bridge benefits following a sale
  • Multi-employer plan withdrawal liability
  • Administrative services dispute/service provider fees
  • Stock drop
  • Executive employment agreement dispute.

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