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Rewrite the rules of pension plans with October Three – the experts in defined benefit strategy, management and administration.

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Redefine Your Pension Plan

Successful defined benefit management requires innovation, transparency and a deep understanding of actuarial capabilities. October Three’s pension plan consultants and benefits experts provide clients with accurate visibility throughout the entire plan process. We utilize unique defined benefit strategies that revitalize the traditional approach.

Innovative Plan Design

Our defined benefit consultants design defined benefit plans that are tailored to client needs. We go beyond what you need today and deliver proven long-term solutions.

Actuarial Expertise

Our team of seasoned pension actuaries analyze, manage and optimize pension plan funds so your employees’ financial futures are safeguarded.

Risk Management

As industry-leading experts in risk analysis and mitigation, we utilize cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights so you’re empowered to make informed decisions.


Who We Work With

Before working with October Three, our participants received an annual statement stating their balance and that was it. Now, through the Daily Platform™, we are able to minimize our workload in managing the plan and our participants love the self-service capabilities it offers.

Chief Human Resources officer at large law firm

October Three’s defined benefit experts work with clients of all sizes across industries. Our business is built to forge strong relationships, and deliver value and tangible results to every project.

Expert Actuarial & Pension Plan Consulting Services

As pioneers in the field, our seasoned team of pension actuaries brings unmatched proficiency in navigating the intricacies of pension plan management. With a meticulous eye for detail and a deep understanding of financial markets, we craft solutions that align with your organization's goals and ensure a secure retirement for your employees.

Actuarial Services

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Cash Balance Plans

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Plan Administration

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Frozen Plans

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Plan Design

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Advisor Support

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Managing Risk

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Dispute Resolution

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Our Pension Perspective

Stay up to date with the latest in defined benefit plans with our expert insights. From market updates, to retirement plan management tips, to regulatory news, we’ve got you covered.

Why DB plans are the right tool for the job

With a rapidly aging population and increasing average lifespan, Americans recognize that an effective retirement plan must provide a secure retirement income for the rest of the participant's life - whether one year or 30 years. As we're finding, DC plans are not suited to provide lifetime income. Fortunately, there is a simple enough response to these challenges – defined benefit (DB) programs, including cash balance plans, are excellent solutions to this need.

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What incentivizes younger employees to stay at a job? Guaranteed lifetime income

Employee retention is the number one problem facing American companies right now. Not only is turnover frustrating for employers, but it is also expensive. Employers frequently underestimate the importance of excellent employee benefits, especially retirement, even for younger people. As more Americans have grown aware of the retirement crisis facing Baby Boomers and Gen X, the younger generations are preparing for the future.


Introducing Our New PRT Savings Tool

We are pleased to announce the launch of our PRT savings tool. It offers a detailed breakdown of the expenses involved in transferring your pension risk. By analyzing various factors, such as your plan's funding status, projected liabilities, and market conditions, we provide you with a clear understanding of the financial implications of transferring your pension obligations and how much you could save annually.


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