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Change the Way You Look at Defined Benefit Plans.

In an industry where confusion and skepticism run high, we’re building a refreshingly new approach—one based on innovation, understanding and transparency.

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Retirement Plans and
Client Relationships…Redefined


We design innovative solutions that fit both the urgent needs of today and the impending needs of the future.


Operating with full openness, we’re lifting the veil of mystery that shrouds the Defined Benefit landscape to give you a refreshing level of insight into your plan.


In a volatile industry, we’re building a new understanding about where the Defined Benefit market is headed and how your DB plan can evolve to deliver more.

Our Approach

Building Great Relationships

Before working with October Three, our participants received an annual statement stating their balance and that was it. Now, through the Daily platform, we are able to minimize our workload in managing the plan and our participants love the self-service capabilities it offers.

October Three works with clients of every size in nearly every industry. Our business is built on forging strong relationships and delivering value and positive results to the clients we serve.

Our Perspective

Annuity Purchase Update: November 2019 Interest Rates

November 2019 Duration: 7 Years 15 Years   7 Years 15 Years Range Rate: 2.10% – 2.30% 2.37% – 2.60% Average Rate: 2.20% 2.49% Per our October 2019 Pension Finance Update, pension plans generally saw an increase in funded status during October. Also, the equity market has experienced tremendous returns during 2019 and these returns…

October 2019 Pension Finance Update

Pension finances improved in October on the back of continued strong stock markets. Both model plans we track[1] gained ground last month: Plan A improved more than 1% in October but remains down more than 3% for the year, while Plan B gained less than 1% and is now close to flat through the first ten…

Annuity Purchase Update: October 2019 Interest Rates

October 2019 Duration: 7 Years 15 Years   7 Years 15 Years Range Rate: 1.99% – 2.35% 2.19% – 2.59% Average Rate: 2.16% 2.39% Although annuity purchase interest rates decreased throughout the year, a jump in rates was observed at the start of the fourth quarter. The activity of plans purchasing annuities remained constant throughout…

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