Actuarial Services

We are a full service actuarial service provider covering everything you need to manage your plan efficiently. From plan design to ensuring compliance and plan optimization strategies to plan termination, we take care of of you every step of the way.

At our core, we are a firm of Actuaries

Our team of actuaries are the best in the business (including 3 former presidents of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries), highly credentialed and dedicated to bringing excellence to the actuarial profession. As experts, we are setting the trends around the latest thinking on retirement plan design, compliance and de-risking. Our clients receive an optimal combination of fresh ideas, practical insight, industry perspective and competitive pricing.

No matter what type of plan you have, we can help, from cash balance and traditional defined benefit plans to SERPs and other non-qualified arrangements. Some of the ways we help you better manage your plan include:

Forecasts and Projections

We help you understand how actuarial calculations evolve due to changes in underlying interest rates, short- and long-term asset returns, alternate asset allocation strategies, plan design improvements, and demographic experience.

Compliance Support

We are experts in navigating the complex nondiscrimination, compliance and reporting requirements for defined benefit plans.

Plan Termination Support

We simplify the often time consuming process of terminating a plan, providing assistance with regulatory filings, termination calculations, and independent annuity provider search and analysis.

Consulting On New Or Pending Legislation

Get assistance navigating through complex rules to develop solutions and plan designs that create a “win-win” for you and your employees.

Actuarial Valuations and Support

This includes funding and accounting calculations and disclosures.

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