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Qualified Deferral Plans Created with Sketch. Qualified Deferral Plans

Maximum Savings Opportunities For Professional Service Firms

Our innovative solutions have enabled our clients to create billions of dollars of wealth accumulation through utilizing these plans.

Benefits of Qualified Deferral Plans

Unlike Defined Contribution plans, which restrict annual contributions to around $60,000, Qualified Deferral plans allow for higher contribution amounts in a qualified retirement program.

Maximize Savings

Contributions can be made in addition to a Defined Contribution plan leading to significantly higher levels of tax-deferred saving.


These plans are enormously flexible in terms of who is covered by the plans, the underlying formula for determining deferrals, and how the benefit levels are distributed among participants.


Plans are easy to understand and communicate to participants. Benefits accumulate in an “account” which is credited with “interest,” similar to how a 401(k) plan works.


Lump sum distributions are available at retirement (or termination of employment) enabling participants to roll over their accounts into an IRA and continue the tax-deferred growth on these savings.

If you’re at a law firm, see how our law firm practice can help you or your clients with their retirement plan needs.

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Our Approach to Deferral Plans

Unlike Defined Contribution plans, such as a 401(k), which restrict levels of savings to around $50,000, Qualified Deferral plans allow for much higher contribution amounts in a qualified retirement program.

Reduced Risk

Through appropriate sharing of risk between employees and employer, our plans significantly reduce the risk for both parties, as compared to other deferral plans.


Unlike other deferral plans, our plans ensure that every partner only pays for their own benefit, not the benefits of others.


Our Daily PlatformSM allow participants and sponsors to view yesterday’s asset performance, project how accounts may grow in the future, and produce distribution packages, among others.


Plan designs are structured to predictably adjust deferral amounts as a participant’s pay and age change, minimizing cashflow “surprises” for both the firm and the participants.

Better Manage Your Deferral Plan

Our Daily Platform provides plan sponsors and participants with unprecedented 24/7 access to all plan information allowing for streamlined workflow and enhanced transparency.

Daily Platform

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