Frozen Plan Management

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Don’t pay too much for your frozen plan.

Over the past decade, the proportion of the US-based pension plans that are frozen has grown dramatically. If you have a frozen pension plan, it’s essential to look at strategies to remove risk and optimize the management of your plan on the way to termination.

Did you know that you may be paying too much for your frozen plan? You may also be overpaying PBGC premiums or administration fees.

October Three has multiple strategies to optimize the management of your frozen plan:

Efficient Plan Administration

Don’t pay more than necessary to administer your frozen plan. The O3 Daily PlatformSM drives down the most of administration, while providing unprecedented 24/7 access to essential plan information.

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Developing Effective Plan Strategies

Managing a frozen plan effectively requires a good strategy. The O3 Pension Forensics tool is an efficient and effective way to evaluate possible strategies and stress test outcomes.

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Plan Termination Services

Ultimately, the goal is to terminate a frozen plan. There are many actions that should be taken on the road to plan termination to help reduce the burden and cost of the plan.

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