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Executive Compensation Created with Sketch. Pension Risk Transfer

Successful and Seamless Execution

Meeting obligations to both your company and employees with innovative solutions.

A better way to de-risk your pension plan

Our comprehensive approach to Pension Risk Management ensures positive outcomes for clients of all sizes.  We work with you from start to finish to clearly define pension goals, create a customized roadmap and deliver successful results based on decades of best practice experience.  Our attentive professional support helps ensure you receive the lowest cost available for your annuity purchase, and our focus on transparency ensures you see that cost up front.


Options are explained in plain English so decisions can be made with confidence.


Conflict-free guidance focused on your specific needs.


Our comprehensive approach ensures you receive ‘Best Pricing’ from insurance companies.


Participant communication materials and expert support that ease the burden on plan sponsors and actuaries.


With over 25+ years of experience, you can be confident you’ll receive the best options available for your plan.


All facets of your transition are continually monitored to ensure a successful outcome.  Services extend beyond simply identifying insurance companies.

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Achieving Your Pension Risk Transfer Goals

We align our approach with your interests.


Detailed criteria is used to carefully evaluate each participating insurance company so you receive the financial due diligence needed to fulfill your fiduciary obligations.  Our seasoned professionals aggressively negotiate annuity pricing for you with participating insurance companies.  We understand that predictable pricing is important, which is why you will receive a competitive bid that includes a comprehensive scope of services up front – minimizing the need for out-of-scope work.

Settlor functions

Focus on transferring pension plan liability to an insurance company.

Our approach secures successful outcomes that:

  • Maximize Savings
  • Minimize Costs
  • Deliver a Seamless Transition

Fiduciary Decisions

Focus on compliance to protect the best interests of beneficiaries and plan participants.

Our process ensures you meet all fiduciary requirements by:

  • Selecting the “Safest Available Annuity” provider per DOL Interpretive Bulletin 95-1
  • Negotiating a competitive and well-structured annuity contract
  • Securing state protection, where available


Why O3 Annuity Services?

Customized Solutions

Multidisciplinary expertise drives positive outcomes for clients of all sizes from start to finish.

Cost Effective

Comprehensive preparation delivers optimal, conflict free, annuity pricing.

Trusted Expertise

25+ years of experience negotiating with the insurance industry.

Services Include:

  • Retirement Plan Liability Management Analysis
  • Pension Forensics
  • Pension Risk Defeasance Options
  • Pension Risk Transfer Strategies
  • Lump Sum Window Fulfillment
  • Comprehensive Annuity Searches & Cost Negotiations
  • Market Pension Plan Liability Transfer
  • Department of Labor 95-1 Financial Analysis
  • Plan Termination Services
  • Address Verification & Death Audits

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Mark is here to answer your questions on how our Pension Risk Transfer can support your needs.

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