Corporate Cash Balance Plans

Experts in Cash Balance Plan Design and Administration

At our core, we are Cash Balance (CB) plan specialists. Over the years, we have implemented hundreds of new Cash Balance Plans, and pioneered the use of market-based interest credits as a means to control volatility and provide a better program.

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Our Approach to Cash Balance Plans

We believe that employers should be able to provide their employees with meaningful benefits, without having to take on an unnecessary amount of risk. That is why we design plans that integrate the advantages of both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution plans, to provide sponsors a unique retirement planning solution. Our plans provide:

Predictable Costs

Our CB plan solutions provide plan sponsors with consistent, predictable, cashflow expenses year-over-year.

Reduced Risk

Through innovative plan design techniques combined with an appropriate funding strategy, virtually all risks such as investment and interest rate risk are eliminated.

Long – Term Solutions

We design solutions that fit both participants and plan sponsors needs today as well as their goals and objectives for tomorrow.


With CB plans, participants can choose a Lump Sum Distribution, which can be rolled over into an IRA.


Our CB plan designs are easy to understand by participants. Account balances grow each year with contributions and earnings, just like a 401(k) plan.

Efficient Benefit Delivery

Our CB plan designs are administered on our Daily Platform, providing a highly efficient delivery.

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Pioneers in Cash Balance Plan Administration

We believe that modern plan designs, such as Market Returns Cash Balance plans, deserve modernized administration. We know all too well the challenges plan administration can bring, and believe an effective administration platform is a must-have. Our Daily PlatformSM and Administration team provide:


We believe plan administration should be simple. With Daily PlatformSM, reduce your day-to-day workload through automation.


We believe full transparency is essential for successful plan administration. All data (including call logs, participants interactions, etc.) is visible and available to you.


Retirement plans should be affordable, and that is why we believe in utilizing automation to reduce plan costs for sponsors.


Our Daily PlatformSM allow participants and sponsors to view yesterday’s asset performance, project how accounts may grow in the future, and produce distribution packages, among others.

Daily Valued

Through daily valuation, our plans align assets and liabilities, virtually removing all plan risk- a capability that is unique in the industry.

Superior Reporting

We believe sponsors should be able to run on- demand reports on any plan information they choose, not to be dependent on their actuary for this information.

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