Cash Balance & Hybrid Plans

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Unlock the Power of Cash Balance & Hybrid Plans

October Three specializes in crafting innovative cash balance (CB) and hybrid pension plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses and their employees. We offer a powerful alternative to traditional pension schemes and take pride in demystifying complex financial concepts.

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Our Approach to Cash Balance & Hybrid Plans

Our unique approach integrates the advantages of both defined benefit and defined contribution plans, so you can access meaningful benefits without exposing yourself to risk.

Predictable Costs

Our CB plans provide businesses with predictable plan costs, as contributions are determined and fixed, enabling effective financial planning and budgeting.

Reduced Risk

By pooling investments and assuming risk, CB plans reduce the burden of market fluctuations on individual employees, ensuring a more stable plan outcome.

Long – Term Solutions

CB and hybrid plans offer employees a reliable source of income, encouraging long-term commitment and loyalty within the workforce.


Hire and retain the best talent by transferring vested benefits when new employees join your company.


CB and hybrid plans offer clear, transparent account statements, empowering employees with a better understanding of their savings and benefits.

Efficient Benefit Delivery

Our CB plan designs are administered on our Daily Platform, providing straightforward benefit calculations, streamlined benefit delivery, and simplified administrative processes for employers and plan administrators alike.

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Cash Balance & Hybrid Plan Administration

As experts in modern pension plan solutions, we provide our clients with the best plan administration tools and resources to shape a secure financial future. From simplifying administrative processes to fostering transparency and daily value updates, our goal is to equip your business with:


CB and hybrid plans simplify plan administration by minimizing complexities for a more efficient and user-friendly experience.


Gain clarity and insight into plan operations so you can make informed decisions and investments while building trust with plan participants.

Cost-Efficient Options

Enjoy cost-effective retirement solutions with CB and hybrid plans – these benefits don’t break the bank for either employers or employees.


Take control of your plan with user-friendly self-service options that give you the flexibility to manage your account and contributions with ease.

Daily Value

Stay up-to-date with your plan's performance through daily valuation and real-time access to the most accurate account information.

Superior Reporting

Access comprehensive and detailed reports that offer valuable insights into plan savings, enabling you to track progress and make informed adjustments as needed.

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