Managing Risk

Managing the risks associated with pension plans is one of the most important aspects of plan management today

Whether financial or legal risks, we believe that sponsors need the right tools and advice to appropriately assess, manage and reduce or eliminate those risks.

Independent Actuarial Review

Looking to better manage the risks in your plan? Our financial review tools will help you do just that.

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Pension Risk Transfer

Meeting obligations to both your company and employees with innovative solutions.

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Dispute Resolution

If your plan has already gone to litigation our team can help you to resolve the issues quickly and efficiently.

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Compliance Review

We perform these reviews to ensure your plan is operating correctly and to minimize the risk of litigation.

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A holistic view at managing pension plan risk:

Our risk management services comprise three distinct parts: a financial review, a compliance review and our dispute resolution experts. We believe that in order to be able to better manage risk, a higher level of transparency between Actuary and Plan Sponsor needs to exist. And that is why we have developed specific tools that put the power back in the hands of sponsors, allowing the sponsors to make informed decisions about the future of their plans.