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Nicole Walter

Benefits Consultant (Dallas)

Nicole Walter is a member of the data administration team located in the Dallas office. Nicole originally joined O3 in 2015 as an actuarial intern in Chicago. After graduating college, Nicole joined O3 in the Dallas office as an actuarial consultant, where she passed 2 actuarial exams. After deciding that the actuarial path was not right for her, Nicole left O3 in 2019 to automate ticket pricing in the airline industry, where she grew her SQL skills. Nicole returned to O3 in 2021 to join the Data team and apply her SQL skills. Nicole is thrilled to be a part of the O3 family again.

Nicole was born and raised in Massachusetts and moved to Texas in her adult life. Nicole earned her Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science and Business Studies from Bentley University in Massachusetts in May 2016. When not at work, she is always sewing and playing with her bunny.

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