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America is in an unprecedented retirement crisis

Many older Americans face a dire problem: they're nearing retirement age without sufficient retirement income. With the average lifespan increasing, retirees are worried about outliving their savings.

The shift from defined benefit (DB) plans to defined contribution (DC) plans is the catalyst behind the problem. Without a pension plan providing a guaranteed lifetime income, American workers rely on Social Security for the bulk of their retirement income. Few Americans can save enough money to retire with a 401(k), especially considering that these programs aren’t well equipped to provide lifetime income.

It's time for the next generation of retirement programs. That's why we designed O3 PRIME, a solution where risks are shared appropriately, and with the flexibility and lifetime income options employees need. We have combined the best features of the DB and DC universes, including the guaranteed lifetime income of a DB plan with the lower risk profile, stable costs, and flexibility of a DC plan to create something new.

The 4 Pillars of a Sustainable Retirement Program: An Infographic


What are employees looking for in today’s competitive job market? A retirement plan that stands out from the crowd.

O3 PRIME is a sustainable solution that unlocks a better outcome for employers and employees. HR departments must bolster recruitment and retention efforts; prospective talent wants robust retirement plans. Therefore, we have crafted an innovative retirement program—O3 PRIME—based on the four pillars employees and employers look for in a retirement program: efficiency, engagement, improved workforce management and financial risk management.


Achieve better outcomes with minimal risk by combining the efficiencies of DB plans with the risk profile of a DC plan. Then, your employees enjoy high investment returns and a cost-effective and attractive lifetime income option.


Ensure that employees thoroughly understand the program’s value. Keeping the plan fully transparent and allowing employees to customize the mix to fit their unique needs lets them know that the company values them, leading to loyalty and commitment.

Workforce Planning

Modernizing your retirement program is an excellent way to reduce turnover expenses and attract and retain employees. O3 PRIME allows you to provide additional incentives to drive the behavior you want. With many Americans stressed over saving enough money to retire, offering help is a great way to set your company apart as an “employer of choice”.

Financial Risk Management

A sustainable and affordable plan that allows you to manage more assets for a longer duration. The design creates predictable and consistent expenses year over year, making it an easy decision for a corporate finance department.

Explore the 4 pillars in depth in our: "HR Guide to Better Retirement Outcomes"

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With a rapidly aging population and increasing average lifespan, Americans recognize that an effective retirement plan must provide a secure retirement income for the rest of the participant's life - whether one year or 30 years. As we're finding, DC plans are not suited to provide lifetime income. Fortunately, there is a simple enough response to these challenges – defined benefit (DB) programs, including cash balance plans, are excellent solutions to this need.

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Employee retention is the number one problem facing American companies right now. Not only is turnover frustrating for employers, but it is also expensive. Employers frequently underestimate the importance of excellent employee benefits, especially retirement, even for younger people. As more Americans have grown aware of the retirement crisis facing Baby Boomers and Gen X, the younger generations are preparing for the future.


Creating a new future with the best of both worlds

Only 11% of 126 million Americans working in the private sector participate in a defined benefit (DB) pension plan. In 1980, this number was 46%. The seismic shift from DB pension plans to defined contribution (DC) arrangements (i.e., 401(k) and 403(b)) plans is no secret. When DB plans became associated with high and volatile costs, employers shifted that risk onto individual employees via DC savings programs. However, those programs are only working for some Americans. By taking the best features of the DB and DC universes, we can create an innovative plan design that works better for everyone involved – workers and employers.

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