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Celebrating Nine Years of October Three

Perspective Matters

October Three was not only built on a refreshingly different approach to designing and administering pension plans, but seeded by our passion for helping empower employees toward secure, successful retirement.

Over the past nine years, we have been privileged to work alongside remarkable people like you who continually reinforce that mission as the driving force behind our culture– and we couldn’t be more grateful. In short, we love what we do. And we want to say thank you for helping to make this work possible.

Nine Years of Gratitude

A few of our favorite things:

“I am grateful to work alongside people who are smart, thoughtful, and perhaps most importantly, sincere. I am grateful for October Three’s culture, which is collaborative rather than competitive and fosters personal and professional growth. Lastly, I am grateful for our clients, who share our vision of a brighter future for the retirement industry and work with us to create it.” — Brian Fox, Consultant (Chicago)



“I’m grateful that, as a young consultant, my ideas to improve projects and client relationships are not only heard, but sincerely considered.” — Nicole Walter, Benefits Consultant (Dallas)


“I am grateful for the level of commitment and teamwork that I experience daily from my associates at October Three. I am grateful to be working with many of the nicest, smartest, most creative and empathetic professionals in retirement consulting. I am grateful to our clients, who continue to help us build a successful business around the ideal of financial security in retirement. The fact is, we are creating solutions that have no equal in supporting this ideal.” 
— Rich Becker, Software Developer (Chicago)            


“I am grateful that we are a business that truly puts our clients first. October Three’s culture is to listen and understand our clients’ needs. This allows us to offer our clients practical and simple solutions when they call and ask for our help or guidance. I love the relationships we create with our clients, because they become true partnerships– we want them to succeed as much as we want to succeed.” — Sarah Santos, Benefits Consultant (Jacksonville)


“I am grateful for many things. Although I had several other options, I decided to join O3 about 2½ years ago. High on the list of the reasons why were the quality of the people here (including our visionary leader), the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates everything we do, and the uniquely different and innovative ways we approach the world of pensions. Our administration technology is world class, and our actuarial talent rivals that found at any firm.
I love telling the O3 story!” — Jeff Cutts, Partner (Boston)


“I am grateful to be part of an organization that believes in itself and its mission, and invests accordingly. Senior leadership at October Three is not afraid to pursue research and development for the greater good of servicing our clients. As a smaller firm, this is a differentiator for us. I also continue to be amazed by O3’s caliber of employees. There are subject matter experts that I can reach out to on any retirement-related topic. Additionally, we have a culture of respect and openness.” — Melanie Beinlich, Partner (Chicago)


“Relationships. People are what make my days, weeks, years so enjoyable at October Three. There is no comparison to the thoughtful, civilized, and respectful relationships I am privileged to have with my colleagues here. The pride I feel when representing our brand makes it easy to sell and deliver our services to our clients. Work is so much smoother when you strongly believe in what you are doing. I am grateful to work with clients who appreciate quality advice, refer us to others when we deserve it and trust us even when things get tough.” — Alex Kuhel, Partner (Chicago)


“I am grateful for the opportunity to work in this industry, and with the participants that we assist each day. I think we should feel honored to be a part of one of the most important decisions in a person’s life. Excitement, anxiety, joy– all of the feelings that go into making this decision to finally retire– we get to be part of that. Thinking about that experience when you are talking to a participant or preparing a retirement kit makes you feel grateful that you can play a role in helping someone with such an important step.” — Krystal Hall, Administrative Consultant (Jacksonville)


“We are different because we have strong, inspiring, and forward-thinking leadership. October Three’s success is rooted in hiring the most talented people of all ages and backgrounds, and placing them in an environment that fosters ideas, creative thinking and cooperation throughout the organization. Our clients quickly learn that October Three is unique– they see a team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to their best interests.” — John Neison, Senior Consultant (Jacksonville)


The Road Ahead

As we near the end of 2018 and prepare to celebrate a decade of business, we look forward to continuing the work we love with people we respect. Here’s to working together to pave the way for transparency, innovation, and empowerment in retirement planning.   


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